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22:19:02 - 18.06.2024
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Шкаф холодильный Polair CM105-S

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Артикул : spvl
Доставка по городу: 800 р.
Шкаф холодильный Polair CM105-S
Шкаф холодильный Polair CM105-S - купить в интернет-магазине OCEAN-WAVE.ru
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34 000 Р

The Cabinet refrigerating Polair CM105-S convenient to use at the enterprises of trade and public catering for the refrigeration and storage of perishable products.

The device is designed for operation at ambient temperature up to +40 °C and relative humidity up to 80%.

Cellosolve polyurethane foam casing without cracks and joints ensures reliable thermal insulation of the cooled interior space, as well as mechanical strength and durability of the Cabinet.

Professional dynamic refrigeration system (with copper-aluminium battery condenser and evaporator and a powerful axial fan) guarantees effective and uniform cooling of all the contents on the shelves of the Cabinet, economical power consumption.

Top position of the unit improves heat exchange properties of the device and protects the unit on pollution. The electronic control unit with LCD display allows you to accurately set and adjust the operating parameters of the Cabinet, change settings and diagnose the refrigeration system.


  • Cabinets are equipped with automatic defrost system, water evaporated from the tray
  • Have easy access to the unit for servicing
  • Backlight
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • The doors close automatically
  • Reliable sealer with magnetic insert
  • Castle
  • Adjustable legs
  • Material of hull plating: steel with polymeric coating
  • The Schrader Valve
  • Type of shelves: normal
  • Door type: swing

Additional features:

  • The housing wall thickness, mm: 43
  • Environmental conditions (t, °C / VL-o,%): +40 / 80
  • Power consumption per day, kW/HR, not more 3,5
  • Max. load per shelf, kg: 40
  • Shelf size, mm: 595х455
  • Number of shelves: 4
  • Package dimensions, mm: 790х744х2125
Вес товара: 95 кг
Габариты (ДxШxВ): 697 x 665 x 2028 мм
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23.12.2015 13:06:54
Надежный и вместительный холодильный шкаф. Уже 2 года в работе, нареканий нет.
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