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08:55:50 - 16.07.2024
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Зонт вытяжной Кобор ЗЦВ-160/200

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Зонт вытяжной Кобор ЗЦВ-160/200
Зонт вытяжной Кобор ЗЦВ-160/200 - купить в интернет-магазине OCEAN-WAVE.ru
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The hood off Color SCV-160/200 is designed to clean the air of grease, oil, smoke and steam in the food industry, public catering and trade in bakery and patisserie. The device is connected to an exhaust ventilation system and is installed above the thermal equipment. The umbrella consists of a housing and a removable labyrinth filters, which are easy to clean. The equipment is equipped with a drain channel through which the oil flows into the accumulation Gisborne.

Lights, cut holes for the ventilation pipe and tube (round, square, rectangular) must be ordered separately.

Attention! Pictured is similar model of a different size.

Вес товара: 95.2 кг
Габариты (ДxШxВ): 1600 x 2000 x 400 мм
Технические характеристики Зонт вытяжной Кобор ЗЦВ-160/200
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