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12:48:35 - 02.07.2020
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Соковыжималка CanCan CC.32.ONM01

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Соковыжималка CanCan CC.32.ONM01
Соковыжималка CanCan CC.32.ONM01 - купить в интернет-магазине OCEAN-WAVE.ru
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Automatic squeezer CanCan CC.32.ONM01 is used to obtain fruit juice from grapputo and pomegranates and is used in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, or shopping malls and other public places. The machine makes automatic cutting fruits and juicing, minimizing the cost of manual labor.

The combination of ease of operation, high performance and security ensure the effectiveness of the use of this equipment.


  • Ramp for manual feed with a reserve of 6-8 pieces of fruit
  • Double magnetic safety detector
  • Automatic safety guard, stopping when the front cover is opened
  • Spare parts are available for washing in the dishwasher (except the lid)
  • The precipitation filter for fruit juice
  • Saucer stainless steel
  • Protective silicone to prevent moisture getting on the radio button

Additional features:

  • Speed: 32pcs/min.
  • Fruit size: 70-95 mm
  • The volume of the bucket for fruit rind: 15 kg
Вес товара: 60 кг
Габариты (ДxШxВ): 580 x 580 x 980 мм
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