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Ротационный кипятильник (термостат) PolyScience CRC-5AC2E

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Ротационный кипятильник (термостат) PolyScience CRC-5AC2E
Ротационный кипятильник (термостат) PolyScience CRC-5AC2E - купить в интернет-магазине OCEAN-WAVE.ru
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The rotary kettle PolyScience CRC-5AC2E CREATIVE series allows you to cook delicious meals using the Sous Vide technology, giving them a delicate taste and retaining all the important minerals products. Circulating heat allows you to evenly distribute the temperature in the tank. The device is equipped with LCD display, thermal protection, timer, level control and indicator information.


  • Performance: 360 l/h
  • Volume: 20 l
  • Maximum temperature: 99 °C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1° C
  • Power: 1.1 kW
  • Packed size: HH mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Shipping weight: 2.9 kg
The Technology Of Sous Vide

The technology of Sous Vide combining cooking in vacuum packing and low temperatures, rapid cooling and regeneration. The advantages of Sous Vide is to obtain high quality products, reduction of losses during heat treatment and increase shelf life. Vacuum packaging retains the flavor, aroma, and beneficial trace elements. The smells of different foods do not mix.

The stages of the Sous Vide technology

  • Preparation of raw materials. The ingredients you need to clean and share. Meat products roast on the grill before you pack. Thanks to cooking under vacuum using the minimum amount of spices.
  • The vacuum packaging. Cooked foods should be put in a vacuum bag. The packet is then placed in a vacuum packer. The machine is removing the air and sealing the package.
  • Cooking in a vacuum. The product is in vacuum package is heated for a set time and at a given temperature. In convection oven need to set the mode of low-temperature steam, so the temperature ranged from 65 to 100 ° C. Control over the preparation is carried out using the probe.
  • Blast chilling. Shock cooling occurs in devices high-speed cooling to stop the cooking process and prevent bacterial growth. The preferred temperature after cooling varies from 0 to 3 ºC.
  • Package marking information contained:
    • Contents of package
    • Date of manufacture
    • Use to
    • Weight
    • Information on regeneration/recovery (time and temperature)
    • Storage temperature
  • Storage. Products should be stored at a temperature of 0-2 ° C. When using multilayer bags NOD 116, the dishes can be stored even in the freezer.
  • Warm-up (regeneration). Most often reheat foods in the oven. Most of the vehicles equipped with the mode of regeneration.
  • Features:

    • Protection against external contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms
    • Biological stabilization of the product at a temperature from 0 to +3 °C
    • The cessation of oxidation and the preservation of the organoleptic properties
    • Protection from accidental damage and spoilage
    • Ease of operation, regeneration of ready meals — do not require the presence of skilled personnel
    • Ensuring longer periods of storage without loss of quality
    • Simultaneous cooking of different foods
    • The cost of raw materials due to reduced weight losses at the stage of heat treatment (for example, when working with meat the loss is reduced by 80 %)
    • More efficient energy consumption (regeneration lasts less, therefore uses less energy)

    The shelf life of products when the technology of cooking Sous Vide:

    • Fish: 4-6 days
    • Beef: 25-30 days
    • Veal: 25-30 days
    • Pork: 15-18 days
    • Poultry: 10-18 days
    • Vegetables: up to 45 days
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