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Гидрофильтр Ятаган Safe Fire - 2,0

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Гидрофильтр Ятаган Safe Fire - 2,0
Гидрофильтр Ятаган Safe Fire - 2,0 - купить в интернет-магазине OCEAN-WAVE.ru
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276 000 Р

Silencer scimitar Fire Safe - 2,0 cleans the flue gases to 100% of the sparks and flame, 95% of the soot, grease and tar, 60% of the smell and smoke.

Operating modes:

  • Main. Electricity and water included. Automatic activation, the Gulf and off. Built-in spray pump and drain the water. Automation supports the level and temperature of water. Alarm reports system error. Significant water savings at work
  • The person on duty. There is no electricity, water included. Spraying water under pressure water. Drain the water by gravity above the level
  • Emergency. There is no electricity, the water supply is off. Iskrovete "dry", without water spray. Guaranteed durability of the device up to 3 hours. Requires follow-up maintenance
  • The self-cleaning mode. To remove internal deposits of soot, fats, ash and tar. The frequency of maintenance of 1 time per month
  • For long-term service hydrofilter only want electricity, water and detergent (for maintenance unit).

    Additional features:

    • Mounting dimensions: mm 210х550
    • Flow resistance: not more than 400 PA
    Габариты (ДxШxВ): 1000 x 590 x 750 мм
    Технические характеристики Гидрофильтр Ятаган Safe Fire - 2,0
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